Reflections Books

‘Reflections’ is an anthology of poetry published by members of Arts & Minds who worked with award-winning poet and performer Rommi Smith. Members were invited to respond to the exhibitions showing at Leeds Art Gallery and to focus on those that related to the theme of the sea. Exhibitions included: Object, Space, Time; The Leeds Artists Show; and the permanent collection of the Ziff Gallery.

Museum curator, Nigel Walsh introduced the group to the inspiration, themes and narrative of the exhibition Object, Space, Time. This was followed by a series of poetry workshops led by writer Rommi Smith, where participants were enabled to shape their own written responses to the collection. Members’ experience of poetry and creative writing varied hugely.

Many group members described the positive benefits the project had on their mental health, as well as their increased confidence, knowledge, and skills to write poetry. Participants also created the artwork that features in the book and directed the book’s shape and format. The poems follow the order of the workshops, as the group wanted the book to illustrate how their work had evolved over the course of the project.

Reflections is packed with a rich variety of styles and approaches, and contains a fresh, raw collection of poems by new and emerging writers that will delight and surprise the reader. We hope that this eclectic work also gives readers new insights into the Gallery’s collections, helping you see them anew, and even inspires your own poetry. You can download a digital version of the book for free by clicking here. A limited printed run of ‘Reflections’ has been produced which are available to buy for £5 at Leeds Art Gallery. Please contact [email protected] for copies. All proceeds will go towards further writing workshops at Leeds Art Gallery.

This project was a collaboration between Arts & Minds Network and Leeds Art Gallery, joint funded by both partners. Many thanks to all who made this beautiful book possible. Special thanks to the amazing writers, and to Rommi for revealing this rich vein of undiscovered talent.

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