Annual Exhibition 2020


Be it social, biological or simply the passing of time, the one thing that never changes is that there is always change. Change can be self-generated or imposed, change can affect things on a micro or macro scale and change can be positive or negative or sometimes both at the same time. Change can alter the physical world around us or can be internally focused and live in our thoughts and ideas.

We exist in a time of change, both good and bad. Against a backdrop of a changing world due to the outbreak of coronavirus it is easy to forget that there are a multitude of other changes going on as well, ranging from the environmental changes happening to the planet that we all live on to the social changes being fought for and debated in countries around the globe. Whether it is a tree or a statue that is toppled, change is gonna come. Whether it is our own thoughts and feelings or our interactions with those around us that are altering, change is gonna come. Change is fundamental to our very existence and it is change that makes us human.

Change is both an opportunity and a challenge to examine ourselves and the world we live in. This year, Arts & Minds members have submitted a piece of artwork each responding to the idea of change, from personal shifts in perspective to changes on a global scale. Click on each image to enlarge and find out more.

Diane Lofthouse

Held in God's Love

Hayley Mills-Styles

The End of the Beginning

Pamela Crowe

Gojo B/W

Anji Dey Clark

Sunflower Days

Krystyna Spink

The House Flew Over The Moon

David Keighley

Micro*opus 7

Johanna Hooson

Inevitable: Wells-next-the-sea


Beginning At The Other End

Kathleen Jones

Mother and son

Michelle Love

The queue way of shopping in 2020 (IKEA)


The Shielder

Emma Christie

The Cycle

Niki Stavrianou

BLM Protest for George Floyd's murder

Amreen Hussain

The Great Flood

Jane Mullins


Rebecca Carroll

A Change Is Gonna Come

Jon Eland

A map of the process for becoming less lost; 2020 - part one

Julia Holmes

The Winds of Change

Mindy Goose


Barry Tobin

Ulysses brings change to Ithica

Beth Newton 

Which path to choose?

Sandy Holden


Ian Gill

Passing Time

Peter McDonagh


Darren Roberts


The Perky Painter

Beautiful Chaos

Laurence Pusey

Running or resting?

Margaret Wilkinson

Change to Stop Pollution of The Planet

Adrian Ellis

Changed Priorities

Vanessa Guy (Pixiebiscuit)


Elaine Mills

Looking back

Kelly Boyle




Geraldine R Montgomerie

Lyrics - Sam Cooke: A change is gonna come

Tim Gomersall

Rush hour of the Future

Ashley Ferrari

Suki In The Moonlight

Maureen Rich

All Flights Cancelled

Carrieanne Vivianette

The Other Side

Alice Rix-Moore

Lock Down


The Current Climate

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