Leeds Wood Recycling

Leeds Wood Recycling offer face-to-face and online woodworking courses and well as providing volunteer and training opportunities to marginalised people in West Yorkshire. We give people practical experience to grow their skills and gain employment, or simply expand their social network and be a part of something positive for our community. Please see our website for the latest courses and opportunities: www.leedswoodrecycling.co.uk/courses

When: Various times and dates

Where: Unit 6, Croydon Street, Leeds LS11 9RT

Contact: Telephone: 0113 450 5275 / Email: [email protected] / Website: www.leedswoodrecycling.co.uk

“For the first time in my life (I am 62) I found a course that taught me the basics. As a girl, I was automatically excluded from woodwork and metal work. The tutors taught us how to approach the workspace, using a jig to make things more efficient, the tools, what they do, how to measure. All the automatic things that skilled people know and don’t think to explain.”

“I felt safe and cared for. I felt I was in the company of people who knew what they were doing. The tutor demonstrates, indicates what to watch out for and then lets us get on with it. The pace is paced and structured to that we can follow with confidence.”

“The tutors? What can I say? They are ‘the bees knees’! What I mean is the tone and pace works well. The use of drawings works well – they are clear and given at important points.”

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