Art Doctors

Art Doctors

The Art Doctors playfully break down barriers to participation in contemporary art, and explore the positive role of creativity in all our lives.

We gather near art galleries, at events and online, wearing our paint splattered coats and stethoscopes, and with prescription pads at the ready. We might prescribe some art for you to go and look at or maybe an everyday creative activity for you to try at home.

We love thinking about art and creativity as a starting point for conversations and we firmly believe that every response is valid and important, whether you see yourself as an expert or not. We also believe in the power of FUN.

The Art Doctors are Leeds-based artists Alison McIntyre and Liz Stirling, with regular special guest appearances from consultants, specialists and junior doctors.

For creative resources, latest events and opportunities to get involved in projects please see our website or follow us on social media @art_doctors

When: Various times and dates

Where: Online resources available through website. Various live event locations depending on project.

Contact: Email: [email protected] / Website:

“Dancing felt a little uncomfortable initially, but just listening and feeling the music, I felt able to be free and enjoy the experience.”

“I enjoyed doing the mood drawing, it took me back to being a child and having no restrictions.”

“I feel inspired. It really has made us look differently at things. We’re both going to go home and try some abstract art. And also write a piece of poetry about an everyday object, like a brush.”

“This is the most fun I have had in the gallery EVER! IT’S COOL!”

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