Amanda Burton - Artist

Artisan Jeweller and Visual Artist

With an academic background in maths, biochemistry, physics and microbiology I interpret my knowledge of these disciplines into visual art.

Through my practice I explore a desire to better understand my surroundings, in both the physical and metaphysical sense. Fascinated with the intricacy of nature, my drawings and paintings are often derivative of plant life including references to cells and molecules that make up the “building blocks of life”.

My other work as a jeweller allows me to practice sculpture using wire, metal and semi precious stones. Manipulating and crafting with metal and hard materials is a cathartic exercise and what emerges is a mirror of the lines and formations that occur in my artwork.

Currently I am exploring my process of creating art and working in a similar way to scientific experiments: with a controlled element coexisting with the random, unknown and chaotic, compelling me to work using fire, smoke and water as a medium.


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