Geraldine R Montgomerie – Artist

Geraldine R Montgomerie – Artist I work in a therapy service where I am developing new relaxation audio tracks amongst other useful activities. When I can I love to draw […]

Alisia Casper – Artist

Alisia Casper – Artist My work is sweet seeming at first then reveals itself as uncanny and quite dark, in both these ways it is perhaps childlike; a common mortal […]

East St Arts Adult Learning Programme

East Street Arts Adult Learning Programme A yearly rolling programme of informal learning by providing short courses in a variety of community and city-centre venues. East Street Arts work with […]

Krystyna Spink – Artist

Krystyna Splink – Artist Over the years I have studied many arts and crafts. I now focus on painting fine art using acrylic, recently experimenting with watercolour and mixed media. […]

Studio 3

Studio 3 Studio 3 is open to adult mental health service users. This weekly arts workshop is for all artistic abilities. With artist led workshops, members are free to experiment […]