Space2 Space2 offer face-to-face and online arts and wellbeing classes, leading a myriad of activities, programmes and events, aimed at widening participation in the arts. Through using arts in everyday…

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Art Doctors

Art Doctors The Art Doctors playfully break down barriers to participation in contemporary art, and explore the positive role of creativity in all our lives. We gather near art galleries,…

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Leeds Wood Recycling

Leeds Wood Recycling Leeds Wood Recycling offer face-to-face and online woodworking courses and well as providing volunteer and training opportunities to marginalised people in West Yorkshire. We give people practical…

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Connect & Create

Connect & Create Connect & Create is run by Arts & Minds members, for Arts & Minds members. The idea is to get together to do something creative on the…

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Julia Williment – Artist

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  • Post published:17th May 2017
  • Post Category:artist

Julia Williment - Artist My journey into art began about 10 years when I became ill and my life was turned upside down. I found that being creative really helped…

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Alisia Casper – Artist

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  • Post published:17th May 2017
  • Post Category:artist

Alisia Casper - Artist My work is sweet seeming at first then reveals itself as uncanny and quite dark, in both these ways it is perhaps childlike; a common mortal…

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East St Arts Adult Learning Programme

East Street Arts Adult Learning Programme A yearly rolling programme of informal learning by providing short courses in a variety of community and city-centre venues. East Street Arts work with…

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Inkwell Open Classes

Inkwell Open Classes Inkwell run a range of classes that are open for anyone to join which do not require a referral. Classes and workshops in various visual arts and…

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Helen Dryden – Artist

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  • Post published:24th January 2017
  • Post Category:artist

Helen Dryden - Artist I'm an artist who paints and draws, exploring themes such as popular culture, feminism, music, and human relationships. I live in Leeds, and I studied at…

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Studio 3

Studio 3 Studio 3 is open to adult mental health service users. This weekly arts workshop is for all artistic abilities. With artist led workshops, members are free to experiment…

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