Happy New Year!

ByTom Bailey

Happy New Year!

The festive season is over and everything is starting to return to normal. We hope you enjoy the following poem. It was written in response to artwork at Leeds Art Gallery, which re-opened in October after a refurbishment. Thanks Peter for allowing us to share it.


In colours multiple and in black and white

(reference: Brightly lit stag chair, Joseph Beuys 1957-71 and Xanadu, Lothar Götz 2017)


I sit and stare at you

imaged in black and white

as person and as chair

which are you?


are your wedges

of multi-coloured monochrome

paint or lining paper?

who are you?


yet your figure is clear

with two human-like legs

but how do you not fall over?

what are you?


I cannot take you in

all in one view

you hide from me

why do you conceal yourself?


if I could lean

on your arm

and rest on your comfortable lap

perhaps I’d know you


as you peek out exuberantly

from behind the Doric pillars

and plaster scrolls

of Leeds Art Gallery.


Peter McDonagh, December 2017, Leeds.

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