Art & Mental Health

Art allows us a insight into an inner world. It gives us a brief glance into how other people see and interact with the world around them and puts us in touch with their journeys of recovering, healing and transformation. Art is a way for people to express feelings across the emotional spectrum, from joy to pain. What we create is a reflection of our life stories and what it is to be human.

Our artists

The Arts and Minds annual open exhibition is a showcase of the artwork produced by its members over the year. These members include artists who have different experiences of living with mental health conditions, as well as people who use art as a way of managing their wellbeing, and those exploring the topic of mental health.Some members work or volunteer in mental health services or are carers. The exhibition aims to explore our relationship with art and to celebrate how vital it is to our well-being. It is an opportunity to expose what may not otherwise be seen.

What is your relationship to art?

The exhibition aims to raise questions about the relationship between art and mental health. For example, can art help people to find positives within a negative experience? Does healing from trauma enable people to unlock creativity and inspiration? Or does a different relationship with the sensory impact how people interact with materials? We invite you to consider these questions as you explore the exhibition.


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