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Adult Art therapy Groups & 1:1 Sessions – The Art Room @ The Digital Lounge



The Art Room offers a range of art therapeutic support including adult groups and 1:1 sessions with client and therapist and also parent and child therapy.

This is a free service for Leeds-based adults, however priority will be given to residents who live locally (i.e within a three mile radius of The Digital Lounge).


Please contact The Digital Lounge to find out about dates and availability.

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy can help people to express their inner feelings when words alone are either just too difficult or hard to find.

It Can help people to understand why they are feeling the way they do by creating an image to express and explore their emotions.

A person’s willingness to join in and try something new is more important than how good they think they are at art making.



Group sessions – Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.30 am – 11.30 am

1:1 sessions available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays


Where:  The Digital Lounge

45 Ramshead Hill


LS14 1BT


Contact: 0113 318 0522 or email [email protected] to request an application form

ByTom Bailey

Tetley Tour, Mon 15th January, 11am

We’re excited to be going to the Tetley on Monday 15th January to get a tour of the latest exhibition. Come and join us!

The latest show at the Tetley, “Your Consequences Have Actions” by artits Saelia Aparicio, also features work from six female artists from the Musgrave Kinley Collection.

Victor Musgrave and Monika Kinley began collecting ‘Outsider Art’ in 1981. Musgrave and Kinley chose to collect artwork that they felt was genuinely original, intuitive and made by artists outside the mainstream system of art education and galleries, including artists with mental and physical disabilities. They collected work by celebrated artists, such as Henry Darger and Adolf Wölfli, and also sought out new artists to bring to international attention. The collection comprises of over 800 works, including sculpture, painting and drawing by artists from across the world. Intended as a public collection from the beginning, the collection was donated in its entirety to the Whitworth, The University of Manchester in 2010

“Saelia Aparicio has been very inspired by Judith Scott, one of the artists in the collection,”said Bryony Bond, artistic director of the Tetley. The ‘outsider’ art on show includes sculptures by Marie-Rose Lortet and Judith Scott, and drawings by Aloise Corbaz, Madge Gill, Lee Godie and Martha Grunenwaldt.

More info here

We’ll be joining Bryony for a tour of the work at 11am, followed by coffee and tea.

Join us!

Arts & Minds Tetley Tour

15th January 2018, 11am – 1pm

The Tetley, Hunslet Road, Leeds.

ByTom Bailey

Happy New Year!

The festive season is over and everything is starting to return to normal. We hope you enjoy the following poem. It was written in response to artwork at Leeds Art Gallery, which re-opened in October after a refurbishment. Thanks Peter for allowing us to share it.


In colours multiple and in black and white

(reference: Brightly lit stag chair, Joseph Beuys 1957-71 and Xanadu, Lothar Götz 2017)


I sit and stare at you

imaged in black and white

as person and as chair

which are you?


are your wedges

of multi-coloured monochrome

paint or lining paper?

who are you?


yet your figure is clear

with two human-like legs

but how do you not fall over?

what are you?


I cannot take you in

all in one view

you hide from me

why do you conceal yourself?


if I could lean

on your arm

and rest on your comfortable lap

perhaps I’d know you


as you peek out exuberantly

from behind the Doric pillars

and plaster scrolls

of Leeds Art Gallery.


Peter McDonagh, December 2017, Leeds.

ByTom Bailey

Season’s Greetings

…from all of us at Arts & Minds.


Picture: “Wendy the Aerialist” by Rejectamental

ByTom Bailey

Winter Gathering

Coffee, Cake and Creativity at Leeds Art Gallery, Wed 13th December  2 – 4pm


Join us at Leeds Art Gallery for an afternoon of coffee, creativity and good cheer.

Escape the busyness of the season and do something artistic amongst friendly people.

Free refreshments and art workshops. Including a workshop with Alison McIntyre who will be encouraging you to make your own stitching in response to the Lothar Gotz mural (pictured).

See for examples of Alison’s work.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the refurbished gallery this is your chance!

Let us know if you’d like more information – or see you there.



ByTom Bailey

We’ve added new artists to our Gallery

There are several new artists showing work in our Gallery.

Check them out by clicking here:


And you too could show your work! The aim is to show the amazing breadth and talent of artists in Leeds who are members of Arts & Minds. If you’d like your work to feature, please contact us.


ByTom Bailey

Love Arts Volunteers: Finding Our Way…

This year the Love Arts Festival wants to make sure volunteers are doing something interesting and creative as part of the festival. A few of us met up at Leeds Town Hall to get some ideas. We decided to keep to the festival theme of JOURNEYS to help guide our discussions.

We cam up with loads of ideas, some of which you can see scrawled on the flipcharts below, but we decided to take the following ones forward:


Love Arts Festival is using an empty shop unit in the St John’s Centre in Leeds city centre. Several group exhibition will be put up but we wanted something interactive for the public to do. So our volunteer team will creative an installation based on the theme of MAPS to encourage the public to think about mental health and do something creative. It could be a MIND-MAP or a TREASURE MAP. Or another type of map… But the public will be able to contribute and the installation will grow over the course of the festival.


We’ve produce a map of the city-centre linking up all the exhibitions. Usually there’s about 10 – 15 shows in town and this will be a map that encourages you to go on an ART HUNT. Along the way there’ll be challenges and things to find. The Love Arts vols will take a jaunt around town to create the ART HUNT. And we’ll print out loads of copies so people can do it on their own, or with their friends and families. And we’ll arrange a special ART HUNT event to do it as part of a group.


There are a few events in the Festival that the public and festival friends will come to – and we want to encourage them to DO SOMETHING! The team had loads of ‘map themed’ ideas. A COMPASS on which you can write on your directions for life; a SUITCASE on which you’d write which bits of baggage you need to deal with; a BOARDING PASS on which you can write your destination – ie where you want to be in life. These will be made and printed around postcard size so they’re easy to transport and display if necessary.

These are the 3 ideas we’re going to focus on. And we need people to help make them happen! Do you want to help create an installation? Make up an Art Hunt? Design an interactive boarding Pass? We’re going to get together to start working things out very soon. There’ll be a team on the installation and a map team taking a walk round town. We’ll meet up later in June. Want to be a part of it? Email Tom at [email protected]

We’ll also need volunteers during the festival in October to help run these project. This could involve talking to people and encouraging them to take part – or you could be part of a team installing exhibitions – or you might want to help invigilate shows. Let us know you’re interested by emailing [email protected]

Meanwhile, take a look at all our ideas! No way we can do them all but it gives us inspiration for the future!


ByTom Bailey

I Hate Networking

by Tom Bailey.

Network is a dreadful word.

“I like to network.” “Come to our network meeting.” “Let’s set up a network.” I can’t be alone in thinking that the word comes loaded with negativity. It’s management speak. It’s jargon. Someone for whom I have great respect once told me I was “a good networker”. “Rubbish,” I said. “I hate networking.” “But you speak to anyone, you know lots of people.” “Oh, I speak to people. But I hate networking.” The word drips with insincerity. I don’t want to be a smug schmoozer.

I even tried to drop the word “network” from “Arts & Minds Network”. But we’d just had a new logo designed and couldn’t afford to commission another. I suppose I must face facts: Arts & Minds is a network. But all that means is that it’s a collection of people united around a common cause: creativity and mental well-being. Maybe we’re a “community”. That’s almost as bad as “network”.

I don’t mind what a network means. It’s brilliant. You can do loads more when you’re working together, when you know people who have similar interests. I’m no good at working alone; the more the merrier. I’ve really enjoyed running the Love Arts Conversation, a conference-type event that brought lots of people under the same roof to discuss issues, ideas and get inspiration. At the risk of offending you with another annoying word, there was a good energy.

However, it’s not enough to feel all warm and fuzzy for a day once every couple of years. Arts & Minds should be getting people together more often. Giving people the chance to meet each other and perhaps plot the next fantastic art project. Or find out what others are doing and become inspired in their own work. So let’s do something similar to the Love Arts Conversation. Smaller but more frequently. To bring together anyone with an interest in creativity and mental health. To encourage arts organisations and health people to work together. We could call it a “network meeting”.


Ok, so we’re not going to call it that. But what should it be? Who should be there? What should we do? What’s the point? Why bother when Trump’s going to blow us all up anyway? Sorry, ignore that last bit. What I’m trying to say is that we need a bit of help to make this happen. To make it not rubbish. To make it something people want to come to. To be honest, I don’t even know what ‘it’ is.

So lend us a hand will you? Let us know your thoughts. Come to our Buzz Group. Email me. Let us know what you would do. After all, we’re supposed to be a network.


NB The picture accompanying this article is of two amazing people: Alison McIntyre and Leanne Buchan, at the Love Arts Conversation 2016. They’re having an interesting chat. But are they networking…? Photograph by Mat Dale.

ByTom Bailey

East St Arts Adult Learning Programme

We offer a yearly rolling programme of informal learning by providing short ( 10 Week ) course in a variety of community and city-centre venues. Work work with experienced and qualified artist/tutors, who are used to working across lots of different art and design disciplines with small diverse groups of participants. Courses include: drawing, sculpture, painting, jewellery, ceramics. See Courses Starting Jan 2017-2


Term One 26th September to 9th December

Term Two 16th Jan to 31st March

Term Three 18th April to 30th June

We deliver weekdays and daytime, with one late afternoon to early evening course running at in Term Two ( this may be extended to Term Three).

Where? Citywide and central.

Cost? We have 3 set rates per 10 week term, dependent upon personal circumstances. £60/  £16 / Free

Contact? Please call East St Arts for more information: 0113 262 2233 and ask for Linda.

“this course has been life changing, I felt really isolated before I joined and now I look forward to it each week, it is a life line”

“The tutor makes us feel really comfortable and has encouraged us to try new things with gentle guidance, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do”

ByTom Bailey

Inkwell Arts

We are a creative mental health service based in Leeds 7 offering a range of classes and activities for the community, users of mental health services and their families. We offer classes on a referral only basis and also open classes available for anyone to join: art and crafts, ceramics, dance and music, and a weekly Craft Cafe session. See our website for current groups

Inkwell is a safe, creative and accessible space where passion and skills entwine, challenging the stigma of mental health and celebrating the diversity of its participants. It seeks to engage, stimulate and absorb all abilities through creative activity. Users develop life skills such as teamwork and problem solving leading to increased confidence and improved wellbeing.

When? Varies depending on group

Where? 31 Potternewton Lane, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 3LW

Contact: Telephone: 0113 3070108 / email: [email protected] /

 “’s such a positive place for people who are struggling with their mental health, it helps to build confidence and setting yourself little goals is sometimes better for a person than self-analysis”

“It’s a chance to learn new skills and have the freedom to express yourself. I’ve done a bit of volunteering here too which I’ve really enjoyed”